Hebron- Old City And Al-Ibrahimi Mosque

Here you can find an acadeimc study about the old city of Hebron – Unversity of California Press . California Press.

I visited the old city of Hebron and it was active, full of products and people who were going to Al-Ibrahimi Mosque. The road from the first square to the #Israeli Check point took almost 20 minutes walking. There, you will find different markets with different products. #Palestinian #Food is available; #Falafel, #Shawaema #arabic #Bread, and other kinds. food is not the only thing you can find but you will see clothes shops and electronic materials. What make you amazed is the elders who still working there despite the fact of the danger situations in the old city. The old city of Hebron #suffers the Israeli controlling over it and over the Mosque. People said that they are consisting to stay in the old city because they want to protect it and to keep its houses and markets with the Palestinians. Nowadays, many Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers  before the last checkpoint in the city during  the recent #Intifada .

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