Pictures from Jerusalem-Ramadan

here are some pictures from Al-Quds – Jerusalem . People going from 5 am in the morning in order to get inside the holly city. Ramadan is a real chance for Palestinian all over the state to go and visit Al-Quds and pray in Al-#Aqsa #Mosque.


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People of Bethelehm have an objection on Trump’s visit !

Bethlehem- #ammar_ikhlayel

another part of Trump’s visit is told by people. people said ” we have been asking for drawing the white lines in the street for more than a year, but no one listens us ”  ” they said there is no money but now 200,000 shekels were delivered to the municipality to draw the white line in the streets and put the transportations signs” ” Thanks Trump, They finally made the city looks real a city ” …

so one of my close friends in journalism worked on this issue , Her name is Karmel Khaled. She did many campaigns  in order to help people walking safely on the street; she does success dealing with the municipally drawing them after 3 months of negotiations but white lines were removed after a week because of the poor quality of the used material.

see some pictures,


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and here is something from #KARMEL_KHALED’s FB Page :


The Man who is Tailor

Bethlehem- #Ammar#Ikhlayel

Visiting Bethlehem could be a good choice for those who live in towns and villages. Meaning, There will be something inspires you in a way. Today, While getting into places I found this nice fabric; a man doing a women job ! I mean we used to see women sitting behind these machines and doing the clothes (The Arab thinking) but here is one of the biggest evidences that Arab communities have something good about #Gender and men and women roles in life. He is a man from Tukoq. a town near Bethlehem and he has been in this career almost 17 years old. People told : he is fast, and professional as well.      Personally, I liked the colorful threads .. look like a real paint.

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